11 Apr HUD Moves to Muzzle Whistleblower


With no congressional approval or a single vote, HUD is enacting the most dangerous scheme for controlling local property rights in our history.

Now the agency wants to silence the one whistleblower capable of exposing every aspect of their strategy.

We CANNOT let that happen!

HUD’s new rule, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) turns fair housing grants into breeding grounds for civil lawsuits that annihilate local autonomy.

Westchester County Executive, Rob Astorino experienced the birth of this program, and is trying to warn communities of its dangers.

HUD wants Astorino’s speech curbed.

Please sign our petition to stop the courts from silencing this critical voice.

A HUD-influenced court monitor dislikes the “tone set by the County Executive” in his remarks and asks the court to “set to rest misinterpretation[s]…”

But, the monitor is misinterpreting Astorino’s remarks in an effort to sway the court.

The monitor’s report insists Astorino falsely claims HUD wants to “dismantle local zoning” and force “high rise” construction.  In fact, Astorino warned HUD can do all of this; and they are.

HUD requires communities to analyze local zoning laws, and create a plan to overcome “impediments to furthering fair housing”.  The agency then accepts, rejects or demands modifications to the plan.

Once communities accept the grant funds, refusal to follow HUD’s “suggestions” results in compliance reviews, redirection of the money or lawsuits. While HUD does not directly control zoning laws, indirectly they control every aspect of them.

We cannot let the court stifle the County Executive’s information.

Their chilling tactic allows HUD to control local zoning, reverse voters’ decisions and even annex communities into a region, while claiming the high moral ground of stopping discrimination.

This is already happening in communities like Marin County, Ca and Rockford, IL.

HUD’s current demands that Westchester build 750 more affordable houses is changeable.

Under the gelatin requirements of affirmatively further fair housing, HUD can demand hi-rises, more affordable homes, more relocations and more marketing in nearby counties to import protected groups, as HUD deems necessary.

The agency’s enforcement of AFFH is already ensnaring communities from California to Illinois.

This is why we must sign the petition to keep Astorino free to expose HUD.

Gagging parties that expose government wrongdoing is not a new threat.

  • In 2009, Health and Human Services issued a gag order to stop Medicare plans and company websites from publishing price increases resulting from the Affordable Care Act.
  • In March of 2016, the DOJ communicated with the FBI over the possible prosecution of those who question the government’s official climate change stance.

There is little laudable about HUD’s attack on Astorino. The agency wants to integrate communities by relocating low-income families like chess pawns to fulfill HUD’s social manipulations. There is no conclusive proof the good outweighs the negatives of their utopian scheme.

Westchester County is losing its grip on its own sovereignty. The same fate may hit your community unless Astorino is free to expose HUD.

Go here to sign our petition to protect Rob Astorino’s free speech
  • William LaSalle
    Posted at 14:53h, 19 April Reply

    It won’t be long before Whistle Blowers are not tolerated in the United States.

    How bad is Socialism ?


    If you know anything about history, you know Socialism is the most evil and destructive thing ever created by man.

    JFK had Great Reasons to hate murder, war, and our CIA.

    Bernie Sander’s, Hilary Clinton’s, Barack Obama’s, Karl Marx’s, the United Nations’, Bill Ayers’s, and our Media’s lies do not change the history of Socialism in our world.

    The Democratic Socialists Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are wrong for America. Islam and Communism have not changed. They are the most destructive and evil things ever created by man.


    The National Socialist German Workers’ Party gave us Hitler’s World War 2, Genocide, and Nazi Terror.

    Leon Trotsky claimed to be the legitimate political power in Russia. He pressed for social reform, redistribution of land and negotiated settlement with Germany to get out of World War 1. The provisional government refused to desert the allies or concede defeat militarily. War was unpopular and unsupported. Many deserted the army. The transitional, provisionary government was in chaos.
    The Bolsheviks, a majority branch of Russian social democracy movement overthrew the provisional government. Marxixt leadership of the Russian Social Democrats took revolutionary steps toward socialism. The Bolsheviks, radical members of the majority, favored a centralized party of active revolutionaries. Revolution alone would lead directly to a socialist regime. The Mensheviks, members of the minority, wanted socialism gradually.
    Liberals and Socialists trying to make the world a better place gave us the U.S.S.R,. Stalinand, Lenin and death, destructin, starvation, and war . Mass killings occurred under some Communist regimes during the twentieth century. Estimates of the death toll vary widely, depending on the methodology used. Scholarship focuses on the causes of mass killings in single societies, though some claims of common causes for mass killings have been made. Some higher estimates of mass killings include not only mass murders or executions that took place during the elimination of political opponents, civil wars, terror campaigns, and land reforms, but also lives lost due to war, famine, disease, and exhaustion in labor camps. There are scholars who believe that government policies and mistakes in management contributed to these calamities, and, based on that conclusion combine all these deaths under the categories “mass killings”, democide, politicide, “classicide”, or loosely defined genocide. According to these scholars, the total death toll of the mass killings defined in this way amounts to many tens of millions

    Mao understood the need to maintain the class base for socialism even after the revolution. The worker-peasant alliance was a key factor, and in a sense, this needed to be embedded in the economic base itself. Hence Mao put forward a line best summed up in his article “On the Ten Major Relationships” (1956), which argues for putting great emphasis on the rural masses. This will create demand for the products of light industry and in turn there will be a reliable basis for heavy industry. The exact number of famine deaths is difficult to determine, and estimates of 35 million people.

    Deaths by violence in Mao’s China.
    Not all deaths during the Great Leap were from starvation. Frank Dikötter estimates that at least 2.5 million people were beaten or tortured to death and 1 to 3 million committed suicide.

    Approximately 30 to 40 per cent of all houses were turned to rubble.[101] Frank Dikötter states that “homes were pulled down to make fertilizer, to build canteens, to relocate villagers, to straighten roads, to make place for a better future beckoning ahead or simply to punish their owners.

    Mao’s Goverment’s policies included plunder, forced labor, and starvation, according to Thaxton, led villagers “to think about their relationship with the Communist Party in ways that do not bode well for the continuity of socialist rule.

    The crackdown that initiated on June 3–4 became known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre or the June 4 Massacre as troops with assault rifles and tanks inflicted casualties on unarmed civilians trying to block the military’s advance towards Tiananmen Square in the heart of Beijing, which students and other demonstrators had occupied for seven weeks. The number of civilian deaths has been estimated at anywhere between hundreds and thousands.

    The passing of the former Communist dictator of Cambodia, Pol Pot, has been marked by a mixture of relief that he can no longer torment his countrymen by his loathsome presence and anger that he has escaped the bar of justice. As the head of the radical Maoist Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot was the architect of the “killing fields,” a seemingly incomprehensible genocide where Cambodian cities were systematically depopulated and the entire Cambodian population enslaved on collective farms with a draconian equality imposed on all. Typically, the slightest dissent would be punished by the offender getting clubbed or starved to death, and so many Cambodians were dispatched by such methods (approximately 1.7 million between 1975 and 1979 according to one estimate) that fields filled with corpses became the macabre hallmark of the regime.
    Mass death is certainly no stranger to Communism; even today a terrible famine stalks North Korea to remind us of the lethal nature of Marxism. However, Pol Pot has earned a special place in the history of Marxian Communism as his Khmer Rouge earned the special distinction of being the one Communist movement in history to actually attempt the full and consistent implementation of the ideals of Karl Marx.

    Most Marxists would recoil at the suggestion that Pol Pot is the logical conclusion of their social philosophy, yet any honest assessment of Marx’s theory cannot conceal the fact that the radical egalitarianism of the Khmer Rouge is precisely what Marx predicted would be the ultimate culmination of all human history. It must be clearly kept in mind that industrial socialism, as it was known in the former Soviet Union and other mainstream Marxist states, is not the endpoint of Marx’s philosophy of history. In his view, the abolition of capitalist production relations is only the first stage of the worldwide proletarian revolution.

    Marx anticipated that there would be a radical redistribution of wealth and a withering of the global socialist state (the “crude” stage of communism) followed by a fundamental transformation of human nature as all individual culture, personality, and economic uniqueness disappeared (the “higher” stage of communism). Marx looked forward to a time when individuals would be freed from an alleged alienation from their own humanity supposedly caused by the division of labor and money-based economic transactions. Individuality would be replaced by a new generic species-being personality, a personality that would specialize in nothing and be an expert at everything.



    Socialism and Communism destroy human rights, freedoms, and hope.

    Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and ouir Media want us to believe Socialism is a Great Thing.

    In our Classrooms Socialism is a Great Thing, in real life it is one of the most evil and destructive things created by man, just like Islam.

    Barack Obama’s, Merkel’s, and the United Nations’ Refugees are Terrorists.

    The Allies did not do enough to destroy Islam and did not do enough to stop the Genocide of Christians by Muslims.

    They did not destroy the Ottoman Empire, they just broke it up into evil Islamic Nations, with no respect for children, women, or human life.

    World War 1 was the Last Crusade.


    History tells us a different story.

    After the dead bodies are counted, it is only history, not a right wing conspiracy.

    Not one Damn Incumbent in Washington, DC or do you want more Socialist Hope and Change.

  • Bill Boniface
    Posted at 20:35h, 03 May Reply

    We have together north jersey they claim housing is a right and it’s up the government to enforce this right
    Stop the central government takeover
    Support conventionofstates.com

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