Invite John to Speak at Your Event

Invite John to Speak at Your Event

John’s outstanding live presentations are 60 minutes and can include a Q&A.  He is considered the nation’s leading expert on HUD’s regulations that strip away community rights. You will hear the latest actions from HUD DOT, ED and other federal agencies that affect property rights and human rights.  John has travelled the country sharing his message and works with people in the trenches, helping communities fight back. Hear the personal stories of people who are winning in the war against the government.

John documents how the federal government seizes control of property and local authority in a clear approach that appeals to community members and public officials. Learn actions you and officials can take to stop the federal abuses of power.


About John Anthony:

John Anthony, Founder of Sustainable Freedom Lab, LLC, is a nationally acclaimed speaker, researcher and writer. He is a leading expert on globalist impacts on local affairs and the effects of federal agency regulations on local rule and property rights. Mr. Anthony’s Property Value Defense Network informs public officials and attorneys nationwide of the dangers of regulatory laws. His workshop, Shattering America’s Trance, teaches conservatives effective techniques for cross-political communications and is now available as an online course.



Your venue will need:

  • Podium
  • Sound system including a wireless microphone or lavalier
  • Projector and screen


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