• Major Blunders in NHS Kept Hushed for Years

    Almost 150 NHS patients have been harmed by incidents that should never happen, according to new figures - including the wrong patient receiving heart surgery, patients given overdoses and a woman who had her fallopian tube removed Read More
  • Divide and Conquer: Union Bosses Buy Way into Republican Party

    The Republican Main Street Partnership, led by former Ohio Congressman Steven LaTourette, plans to spend millions of dollars in the 2014 midterm elections supporting what it calls “the governing wing of the GOP.” LaTourette’s group aims Read More
  • Court Rules NSA Bulk spying Unconstitutional

    America’s founding fathers would be “aghast” at the NSA’s bulk telephone metadata spying, a federal judge today said, finding that the program violates the Fourth Amendment and the legal argument justifying it is “the stuff of Read More
  • Is This Really the End of Suburbia?

    Are America’s suburbs facing end times? That’s what a host of recent authors would have you believe. The declaration comes in variety of guises, from Alan Ehrenhalt’s The Great Inversion (2012), to “the peaking of sprawl” Read More
  • Yale Prof. Admits “We Don’t Want People Strolling About the Countryside”

    Karen Seto, Professor of Geography and Urbanization praises the densification of US cities as the wave of the future. In this MSNBC interview she makes it clear that people need to live closely together so we Read More
  • List Of Conservation Eased Land in US

    Conservation easements allow landowners to exchange part of their property rights in return for economic and ‘green’ benefits. Most of the economic benefits come out of taxpayer’s pockets. This interactive registry shows you how much land Read More
  • A Crisis of Trust

    The most troubling part of the Affordable Care Act is not the shoddy website. It will be fixed. Or the loss of 15 million insurance policies. They will be replaced. It is not even the broken Read More
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Front Page News

  • The Actions of Discontent The Actions of Discontent
      In a shock to many observers, in cities across America disparate groups like the Tea Party, Sierra Club and the NAACP are working together to protect their rights.  For the first time Karen Trapenberg Frick  researches the growing relationship between these groups and what it means for planners. The Actions of Discontent       […]
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  • Pastors: Religious Freedom on Way Out in America Pastors: Religious Freedom on Way Out in America
    NASHVILLE, Tenn.– Americans have always had mixed feelings about religious liberty. Most say it’s important, but they don’t always agree how much liberty is enough or too much. That’s the issue at the heart of the upcoming Supreme Court hearings between Hobby Lobby and the Obama Administration over the HHS contraceptive mandate. It’s a dispute […]
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  • Americans are Still Moving to the Suburbs Americans are Still Moving to the Suburbs
    Americans still love the suburbs, and are still moving there from big cities. According to the Census Bureau’s most recent release on inter-county migration shows that in some of the nation’s largest cities, the trend is to move out to far-flung suburbs. The Census keeps track of population flows between different counties by using data from the […]
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  • CBO: Affordable Care Act Causes Disincentive to Work CBO: Affordable Care Act Causes Disincentive to Work
    It is getting harder to find anything good about the Affordable Care Act not offset by something worse.  While some premiums have lowered, the deductibles have jumped so high, many find the plans un-affordable.   Premiums no longer represent your family’s total cost for health insurance.  The twenty-one additional taxes levied on various companies and individuals […]
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  • Shattering America’s Trance Shattering America’s Trance
    On January 28, 1986, NASA’s space shuttle Challenger disintegrated over the Atlantic killing all 7 astronauts on board.  In the zeal of what NASA called, ‘go fever’ the multiple warnings of Morton-Thiokol engineers were ignored.  Protests were trivialized and the engineers shut out as their superiors charged forward to the act that ended in grief. Just as […]
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  • Governments Cash In on CO2 Governments Cash In on CO2
    While scientists tangle over whether or not man affects climate change, governments are weaving revenue schemes that depend on it. Around the nation and world, the taxation of CO2 is gaining appeal as a revenue generator. In 2006, Boulder, Colorado passed the Climate Action Plan, the nation’s first carbon emissions tax that raises $1.8 million […]
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Did You Know? – Washington Math

Fingers crossedTo create the appearance that Obamacare would cost less, Congress assumed that, once passed, employers will drop employee health coverage and instead, opt to pay a $2000 fine.  They further assumed employers would then give raises to those whose insurance had been dropped, resulting in an additional $53 billion in Social Security payments.  Rather than apply the SS payments to the retirement system, Mr. Obama used the money to show a lower cost for his signature healthcare legislation. 

According to Medicare actuary Richard Foster, in 2014, the net cost of Medicare is expected to increase from 3.5% to 14%, triple what it would have been without PPACA.   Private insurance premiums increases are expected to double from 5% to 9.5%.  As Rev. Wright would say, that chicken has “come home to roost!”
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