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Front Page News

  • RI Regional Plan Strips Property Rights RI Regional Plan Strips Property Rights
    Today that centralized government is in Providence, and it is stripping away the very rights their ancestors fought so hard to maintain.
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  • Obama’s Net Neutrality is Anything But Obama’s Net Neutrality is Anything But
    More than any US president since FDR, Barack Obama has brought Americans to heel using financial bribes, regulatory force and unfulfilled promises of safety, fairness and opportunity. The States, the banking industry, health insurers, payday lenders, physicians, medical device makers, the poor and the middle class have all succumbed to his insistent rhetoric. Unfazed by […]
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  • Smart Growth a Dumb Deal for the Poor Smart Growth a Dumb Deal for the Poor
    In 1880, he was noticeable. Dressed in long coat and top hat, his one hand wielded a magic wand punctuating the elixir in the other.  His concoction cured all from headaches, to “kidney trouble.” Today’s snake oiler is college educated, marketing savvy and lends an infectious passion to Smart Growth, the 21st Century solve-all.  He […]
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  • Zoning Regulations: A Tale of Extortion Zoning Regulations: A Tale of Extortion
    This is a story of lies, political corruption and arrogance that led to the extortion of a respected small business owner and effected an entire community.  The names have been altered to prevent further harassment by town officials.  JA William’s independent grocery store has been a staple in his mid-western community for decades. William is […]
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  • The Filthy-Rich Face of Sustainable Development The Filthy-Rich Face of Sustainable Development
    Opponents of sustainable development and regionalism argue they are convoluted schemes fraught with backroom deals that make the wealthy wealthier at the expense of the poor and middle class. Plan Bay Area in San Francisco, where hundreds of low-income families face displacement to make way for regional planning bolsters their point.  Local conservatives and liberals […]
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  • The Stealth Land-Grabs of Regional Planners The Stealth Land-Grabs of Regional Planners
    by John Anthony, Pres. Sustainable Freedom Lab The people of Polk County Tennessee cherish their land.  Farmers will tell you the soil conditions on every square inch of their acreage and landowners reverently discuss their properties’ history.  These people would never knowingly submit to strict zoning regulations or government control of their land.  Yet without […]
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Did You Know? – Washington Math

Fingers crossedTo create the appearance that Obamacare would cost less, Congress assumed that, once passed, employers will drop employee health coverage and instead, opt to pay a $2000 fine.  They further assumed employers would then give raises to those whose insurance had been dropped, resulting in an additional $53 billion in Social Security payments.  Rather than apply the SS payments to the retirement system, Mr. Obama used the money to show a lower cost for his signature healthcare legislation. 

According to Medicare actuary Richard Foster, in 2014, the net cost of Medicare is expected to increase from 3.5% to 14%, triple what it would have been without PPACA.   Private insurance premiums increases are expected to double from 5% to 9.5%.  As Rev. Wright would say, that chicken has “come home to roost!”
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