Sustainable Freedom Lab’s 2024 Reliable Info Resource Guide


Sustainable Freedom Lab’s 2024 Reliable Info Resource Guide.


(*NEW   I have added an expanded section on “Health, COVID-19, Vaccines, and Masks”.  You will find sourced articles and videos that provide an in-depth look at the latest findings from the CDC, government data, and independent research.)


As government censorship supported by a sympathetic press grows, discovering the truth has become challenging.


Once trusted entities like the CDC, NIH, and FDA now routinely misinform the public while accusing legitimate sources of being the disinformers.


Establishment-funded ‘fact-checkers’ are contracted to ‘debunk’ reality.

But truth cannot be erased. My goal is to provide you easy access to well-researched and analyzed information that is being distorted or ignored by traditional outlets.


In the download you will find lists of news sources, respected investigative journalists, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, and others who above all seek and share the truth.


As with all information today, view the articles with an open mind and check other sources to assure accuracy. Continue to follow CNN, Washington Post, and CDC other legacy sources.  But, now you know “the rest of the story.”

Yours in finding truth,

John Anthony

Email:  [email protected]



Tell the SEC to stop Natural Asset Companies

You can submit your comments to the SEC before January 18, 2024.


Natural Asset Companies (NACs) will be corporations that hold the rights to the ecological performance ( i.e., the value of natural assets and production of ecosystem services) produced by natural or working areas, such as national reserves or large-scale farmlands, and have the authority to manage the areas for conservation, restoration, or sustainable management. These rights can be licensed like other rights, including “run with the land” rights (such as mineral rights, water rights, or air rights), and NACs are expected to license these rights from sovereign nations or private landowners.”

Please submit your comments to the SEC before January 18, 2024.


NACS will hold rights to large-scale farmland, public lands, parks, historic sites, and national preserves, National Wildlife Refuges, Wilderness Areas, and National Monuments. Conservation easements on private land will be enrolled in the NAC, giving the company control over how the land is managed and even how and if land may be farmed to meet eco-performance standards.


Non-regenerative use of resources is prohibited. The eliminates mining for minerals, and oils.


The Biden administration is using a UN accounting model to create standards and accounting for the rights. Once you place a value on clean water, fresh air, and a “stable climate”, it can be taxed.

Read more here.

This must be stopped.

Please submit your comments to the SEC before January 18, 2024.