5 Signals of Government Disinformationists

04 May 5 Signals of Government Disinformationists


John Anthony

Disinformation is today’s ultimate pandemic. It spreads like COVID, destroys lives, and natural immunity often fails to protect us.

Disinformation is the intentional manipulation of data to lead you to a false conclusion.

For years Volkswagen advertised  “Clean Diesel” vehicles convincing many environmentally conscious buyers to choose their cars.  In 2016 the deception collapsed when the company was sued for cheating on emissions tests. The disinformation campaign lasted more than 7 years.

While disinformation is about changing people’s minds, when linked to propaganda it can be explosive.

Propaganda is a continuous stream of information designed to get people to take action.  As French sociologist Jacques Ellul points out, ”even when that action is not in accord with his previous convictions.”

In other words, a lengthy stream of disinformation can become a propaganda campaign that moves people to act against their own long-held beliefs.

For example:

Disinformation may convince some people racism is the basis for our nation’s existence. But, relentlessly promoting the racist propaganda can establish it as an accepted norm, such as – it is dangerous to have statues of slave-owners in a freedom-loving country. With enough pressure, the campaign can compel normally peaceful people to destroy decades old historic monuments.

The lies of politicians and federal agency bureaucrats are particularly dangerous because we want to believe these groups.  Few want to accept the notion our fabled FBI, DOJ, or HHS are corrupt dishonest.

Pundits, often from government, blame social media and extremist groups for spreading falsehoods. But we expect outlets like Slate, the Daily Beast, or The Blaze, and Newsmax to be biased.  When we watch them, we know we what we are getting. Twitter personalities, no matter how many followers they gain, will never hold the clout of the federal government.

Because of its outsized reach through its agencies, NGO’s, big tech, association publications, paid “fact-checkers”, and the legacy media, government is the most effective disseminator of disinformation and the greatest threat to our safety and security.

The term “lying politician” is so common, a Google search finds more than 25,700,000 results. Despite this, we are influenced by their words.

In 1988, George H.W. Bush was losing to his opponent, Michael Dukakis. At the 1988 Republican National Convention, to boost his election chances he swore, “Read my lips. No new taxes.”  He was elected, partly on that promise. It was meaningless disinformation designed to gain power. In less than 2 years his “promise” was broken.

The same is true of government. Those in charge generally mislead to gain or consolidate power. That consolidation is always at the expense of the people’s right to make choices and control their own property.

These are 5 ways the government manipulates messages to disinform the public.

1.Wrap their dishonesty in noble intentions

When Anthony Fauci flip-flopped on mask wearing, he ultimately claimed his lies were for the good of the public.

  • In February of 2020, Fauci claimed cloth masks you buy in stores are not effective against COVID and Americans should not wear them.
  • Later in a CNN interview, after promoting public masking, Fauci claimed he changed his mind because 1. we now know a substantial amount of spread is asymptomatic, 2. the science changed, and 3. studies show masks work.
  • Fauci changed his story again admitting he had lied because he feared shortage of masks for health care workers.

Fauci’s claims are provably false.  Asymptomatic spread is rare. An analysis of 54 studies shows asymptomatic spread was unusual even in close family settings. The  CDC referenced  the study in their own analysis:

“This apparent lack of transmission is consistent with recent research (5), which found an asymptomatic attack rate of only 0.7% within households and a lower rate of transmission from children than from adults. However, this study was unable to rule out asymptomatic transmission within the school setting because surveillance testing was not conducted.”

Despite misrepresentations, the science has not changed. There are no studies proving that masks prevent viral spread. As a scientist, Fauci knows this. Sadly, many Americans continue to wear masks, even when ineffective.

2.Censor opposing ideas and opinions.

Censorship is about controlling thoughts. Transparency is about releasing them.  Without freedom of expression society is enslaved to chosen narratives. The Department of Homeland Security announced formation of its own censorship apparatus called the Disinformation Governance Board. The same people who misrepresented Ivermectin, masks, the origins of the virus, numerous pro-vaccine studies, and the Pfizer trials, will now dictate what is considered disinformation.

For a nation that considers itself free, America is awash in censorship.

  • Facebook censored articles showing the SARS-Cov2 virus might have originated in a laboratory.
  • Twitter censored a NY Post article disclosing the Hunter Biden laptop scandal claiming it was “hacked materials.”  They had no proof.
  • YouTube censored Senate testimony on Ivermectin
  • Criticism of President Biden has been censored over 600 times.

Every one of these censorship examples has prevented millions of Americans from knowing the truth. Instead, their reality has been replaced with falsehoods and misconceptions.

 3.Flaunt original sources that are flawed or misrepresented.

Disinformationists often present flawed and inconclusive studies as “proof” their erroneous position is legitimate. Examining these studies shows their authors’ conclusions often do not reflect what the study says.

Bangladesh Mask Study –

A Bangladesh mask study, widely hailed Washington Post,  Stanford University and others concluded:

“A randomized-trial of community-level mask promotion in rural Bangladesh during the COVID-19 pandemic shows that the intervention increased mask usage and reduced symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infections, demonstrating that promoting community mask-wearing can improve public health.”

Yet analysis of the study shows the conclusion is not true:

  • Of the villages where masks were mandatory, just 42% wore them.
  • Where mask-wearing was not mandatory, 13% wore them.
  • 60% of the people who reportedly had symptoms did not submit to a Covid-19 test.
  • Authors used complex analytical strategies enabling them to manipulate data to get the desired outcome.
  • When questioned, the authors replied counterfactually, then ceased communication.

The study is so flawed, at best it is inconclusive and should never have been published.

Vaccines Safe During Pregnancy – CDC Study –

The CDC appears to be attempting to protecting their credibility with this “study” while convincing more women to take the jab. The original Pfizer trials never included pregnant women, so the FDA had no idea how the vaccines might affect them. Still, all adults were mandated to take the shot.

The CDC study concluded vaccines are safe during pregnancy:

“In a retrospective cohort of >40,000 pregnant women, COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy was not associated with preterm birth or small-for-gestational-age at birth overall, stratified by trimester of vaccination, or number of vaccine doses received during pregnancy, compared with unvaccinated pregnant women.”

Analysis shows the CDC study offers no such assurance.:

  • The CDC used data from the Vaccines Data Link which is not accessible by the public for study and verification
  • The groups of vaccinated and unvaccinated were poorly matched:
    • There were 3X as many women at higher risk for pre-term birth in the unvaccinated cohort.
    • More than 50% more mothers in the unvaccinated group were classified as having inadequate prenatal care.
    • COVID infection, which can negatively affect birth, had a 25% greater incidence in the unvaccinated group.
  • Of the 10,000+ vaccinated mothers, only 172 were vaccinated in the critical first trimester.

Contrary to the CDC’s comments, nothing in their study proves that vaccines are safe for use during pregnancy. When the courts ordered the FDA to release more Pfizer trial documents,  they revealed that of the 32 “known” pregnancies in the first 90 days of the vaccines’ rollout, 28 resulted in fetal death.

4. Attack or demean those who disagree with their point of view

Rather than compete or entertain opposing opinions, authoritarians find it easier to verbally eviscerate their competition. Here are 3 examples:

  • Call those who disagree dangerous, extremist, hater, right wing, left wing, homophobic, xenophobic
  • Use terms like “Pandemic of the unvaccinated,” a falsehood designed to vilify those who failed to follow the administration’s vaccine instructions.
  • Make false accusations like “voter integrity is code for racism.”

Name calling works because it is a virulent form of abuse. Studies show name calling erodes self-confidence, can hurt a person’s sense of self, and even cause them to question their own beliefs and values. These terms are used regularly by politicians and media to discredit dissenters and bully them into compliance.

5. Spread on-going fear to move people to their desired course of action.

Prolonged fear is the desired result of an effective disinformation and propaganda campaign. People naturally want the pain of fear to go away. Promises of a solution to that fear often require surrendering personal freedom while the government aggregates more power.

  • Manmade Global Warming or Climate Change models use on-going predictions of floods, droughts, landslides and the destruction of species, ecosystems, and biodiversity to create continuous fear. This pending catastrophe was predicted to create poor health and premature death unless we reduced greenhouse gasses. The UN warns of inevitable and irreversible crimes of humanity unless we adopt their Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Anthony Fauci has perpetuated the COVID-19 pandemic scare by declaring the end of pandemic in phases rather than as a whole. As he claims one phase is over, he consecutively warns there will be more “pain and suffering ahead” and additional vaccines and masks for the future.   Most of his comments are for propaganda purposes.  COVID cases continue to drop in America, despite more people are refusing the vaccines.

The UN’s goals sound reasonable (reduce poverty, ensure healthy lives, etc.), but require a massive concentration of power in the hands of a few decision makers. This is all to resolve a problem many scientists agree does not exist.

Most of Fauci’s fearful projections may be for no reason. The CDC’s own data shows just 66% of the US is fully vaccinated yet cases continue to drop.

We also know the vaccine’s effectiveness quickly wanes and even third boosters have a short beneficial life. There is doubt about how much, if any protection is left for most vaccinees. Natural immunity may play a bigger role in COVID reduction than the government admits. Meanwhile the observed adverse effects of myocarditis, pericarditis, hepatitis in children, and sudden athlete deaths following vaccination remain.  Until more autopsies are performed to eliminate the vaccine injuries as the cause,  it may be that limiting vaccine use, ending all mandates, and relying on our own natural immunity are the fastest way to end the pandemic fever.

Disinformation threatens our way of life and our society

We can no longer afford to hope better days will arrive. The pervasive attacks on the truth by our government threaten our values of freedom, opportunity, and national pride.  Americans face federally enforced mandates, Sustainable Development Goals that compromise private property, government-established digital currencies that steal control of property and lifestyles, and the loss of medical autonomy to national and global health authorities.

We can survive these attacks if we come together.  The government wants us to believe our unvaccinated or unmasked neighbors,  people of different races, or of varying sexual preferences are enemies. We are not. We are all freedom loving people who want to advance our lives the way we see fit and with respect to others.

Our common enemy is the authoritarian government that uses disinformation to foster fear and division.  These elites are like the arsonist that lights the match then offers to join the bucket brigade to douse the fire they began.

Together we can find the answers, build the friendships, and create the futures that have always made our nation great.


1. Each day share the truth about government with one person or group. Here a sample ideas to share. Keep your remarks short and simple. Don’t overwhelm. Just plant seeds that encourage others to think.

  • “Children’s COVID vaccines were only trialed for 10 weeks. Now children are suffering heart and liver disease all over the country. COVID isn’t the problem. The vaccines are.”
  • “We were lied to about masks, lockdowns, and now we find the vaccines don’t work. COVID isn’t the problem. The government is.”


2. Share reliable news sources with your email list of friends.

My new downloadable Info Resource Guide contains alternate news sources where people will find the truth about today’s events they will not learn in the legacy media.

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