FDA and USPS Seize Imported Ivermectin

14 Dec FDA and USPS Seize Imported Ivermectin


John Anthony

It appears the FDA and USPS are working together to seize and destroy imported shipments of Ivermectin to the United States.1

The federal agencies have had a full-blown war against effective anti-COVID drugs already on the market. Worldwide studies show Ivermectin is saving lives. In a Brazilian study of 220,517 subjects, Ivermectin reduced hospitalizations by nearly half and the risk of death by 45% compared to non-users.2,3

A September study of 20 randomized control studies of Ivermectin showed the drug to be an “effective component of the mix of therapeutics” when deployed against the pandemic.4

Meanwhile, the “safe and effective” vaccine has not withstood the test of time. The gene therapy drug is virtually ineffective after 7 months and as more populations get vaccinated, the more cases and deaths rise.5,6

It is not bad enough the mRNA vaccines compromise our natural immunity and are responsible for growing numbers of deaths. Now the FDA wants to intercept the flow of Ivermectin an inexpensive, easily obtainable, safe, and effective drug that can save countless lives.

Pro-gene therapy experts, refuse to defend their product in front of the public.  Why? The convoluted excuses “experts” use to justify continued use of the “vaccines” would not pass a 6th grade science class.

Yet, the political vaccine intervention will continue and more will needlessly die, until Americans stand up and shout the obvious. The vaccines are making things worse not better. The new “vaccines” are not the cure for COVID, they are the cause of more illness, compromised immunity, an endless need for dangerous booster, and death.


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