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Sustainable development and regionalism are steamrolling communities across America. They strip away property rights, diminish local rule and infringe on our ability to own land free and clear.


Straight Talk about Planning (STAP) contains 8 chapters that alert unsuspecting community members to the problems of sustainable development and regionalism.


Finally, an exceptional tool everyone can use!


STAP is unlike any other planning DVD. Each chapter is in a concise, (approximately 5 minutes,) self-contained slide format so you can easily and consistently communicate the facts about sustainable development to your family, friends, neighbors—and most importantly, local elected officials.


The deeply researched chapters on this DVD define exactly what sustainable development is, the tricks its proponents use to promote it, the hidden agendas, and the ramifications of sustainable development against our property rights and even the quality of our lives. These chapters offer the short and simple truth in a way that is understandable, reasonable in tone and politically neutral.


Straight Talk about Planning DVD contents include:


1. The Other Side of Sustainable Development
2. The New Goals of “Regionalism”
3. The Risky World of Grants
4. How “Livability Principles” Limit Community Choices
5. The Disturbing Surprises in Conservation Easements
6. Sales Tricks Planners Use—Part A
7. Sales Tricks Planners Use—Part B
8. The Federal Government, Planning, and Property Rights


But, most important, each chapter delivers the message that every single property owner can protect the environment without compromising their property. We can be socially just and build strong and sustainable communities without placing our homes, our earnings and the sanctity of our way of life at risk.


Each DVD purchase includes:


    • The Straight Talk about Planning DVD w/ 8 presentations
    • STAP Resource Guide with a full list of chapter sources to continue your own work
    • STAP Action Guide that explains the next steps that new and experienced activists can take to stop the spread of regionalism and sustainable development in your community 

Property is our most precious possession. Buy this DVD, watch it, and share it.