Petition to President-elect Donald J. Trump to select Rob Astorino, County Executive of Westchester County, NY for Secretary of HUD

Dear President-elect Trump:


As the County Executive of Westchester County, NY, Robert Astorino has faced HUD’s most intense campaign to advance the federal government’s vision of centrally controlled communities.


In the seven years since the agency confronted Westchester County, Astorino and his staff have become intimately involved with the techniques, culture and mechanisms that enable HUD to exceed its role of assuring Fair Housing for minorities and protected classes.


As a Republican in a 2 to 1 Democratic jurisdiction, Astorino has displayed his ability to work across party lines to accomplish his administration’s objectives.


Astorino understands and respects the balance between the role of government and the autonomy of the people.


We feel that Rob Astorino is uniquely qualified to fulfill the goals of a Trump administration, return HUD to its role of preventing discrimination against protected classes and end the agency’s aggressive patterns of annexing community rule.


We the undersigned request the President-elect Donald J. Trump appoint Rob Astorino as his Secretary of HUD.

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