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Our federal government is dismantling personal property rights in the largest attack on local rule in our nation’s history.


By accusing communities of discrimination and civil rights violations, HUD has ignored Congress and used the Fair Housing Act to grant themselves the authority to control local planning and land use.


HUD’s rule, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) forces communities that accept HUD grants to comply with aggressive federal planning schemes or face bankrupting government-contrived lawsuits.


Our newest DVD, “No Choice – How HUD Controls your Property Rights” blows the lid off HUD’s actions in clear terms all community members can understand.


People do not see the gradual property confiscation because local officials want the grant money and people trust HUD’s goals of helping the poor and ending discrimination.


But, communities can no longer afford to surrender their property rights and choices in exchange for federal agencies “granting” back the money that was always theirs.


People need to understand that government is not helping their communities. These grants strip away community rights for the sole purpose of adding to federal power over our towns, counties and states. That is why I created this DVD.


SFL’s new DVD, “No Choice” exposes all of HUD’s tactics. The video is broken into 10 chapters to make it easy to access and share information.


Chapter 1: Property Rights Matter – If government can control your property, it can control your behavior. This chapter shows the frightening power the federal government can exercise in anyone’s life when it controls your property.


Chapter 2: Fair Housing Act and AFFH – Explains why and how this administration contorted federal law to grant themselves power over local land use and even overturn voter’s decisions.


Chapter 3: HUD’s New Legal Force – The video details the landmark legal case that gave birth to HUD’s AFFH power grab and the man who makes millions of dollars suing local communities. When people see this chapter, they get steaming mad.


Chapter 4: Creating Your Own Liability – HUD enforces their AFFH rule by encouraging grassroots civil rights organizations to sue their own communities for supposed barriers to fair housing. See how HUD’s actions tear communities apart and pit neighbor against neighbor.


Chapter 5: Regional Annexation – Regions appoint unelected councils that take choices away from voters and divest authority from local public officials. Regions are also easier for the federal government to manage. Learn how HUD’s new rule forces smaller communities to join regions whether they want to or not.


Chapter 6: The Binding “Obligation” –Every community that applies for HUD’s most popular grants must sign a single statement that can lead to a devastating False Claims Act lawsuit. To avoid lawsuits, counties and towns are crumbling to meet HUD’s demands. This chapter shows how legal experts interpret the wording.


Chapter 7: HUD Gets Tough – HUD is issuing compliance reviews, threatening to withhold grant money, engaging in False Claims Act lawsuits, disparate impact suits and taking record numbers of actions against communities. This chapter outlines some of the cases. You will want to share this with your public officials.


Chapter 8: More than Affordable Housing – Everyone in America should watch this single chapter. HUD is no longer merely about affordable housing. The agency has already said their new rule is just a platform for advancing a suitcase full of costly programs in communities. Learn about “upward mobility”, “socioeconomic diversity”, “Regional Equity Assistance Centers”, “behavioral messaging” and more programs that threaten to remake your community. HUD has even partnered with the departments of Education and Transportation to redesign entire communities. If your town refuses to comply, local officials can expect the grant funds to be withdrawn or to face charges of civil rights violations, or failure to affirmatively further fair housing and more.


Chapter 9: How to Stop AFFH – The 2nd circuit Federal court explains how to avoid the increased liability from HUD grants.


Chapter 10: Resources – We can stop HUD and the federal government from centrally planning our communities. This chapter outlines more tools and programs to help you learn about and end government overreach.