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Sustainable Development IS Agenda 21; and Regionalism is a fast track to implementing Sustainable Development.


If you’ve ever been confused by the relationship between Sustainable Development, Agenda 21 and Regionalism—or have found yourself frustrated when trying to explain these concepts to others—then you need this DVD.


SFL created this video tool in 2013 to help you understand the convoluted Agenda 21 action plan so you can explain it credibly and effectively to others. Even better, we’ll then show you how to fight back!


Sustainable Development and Regionalism are the two greatest threats to property rights today. Together, they supercharge the expansion of Agenda 21. And it’s impossible to grasp the scope of Regionalism without first having a full understanding of Sustainable Development. This video explains every detail of Agenda 21 and Regionalism in a way that is easy to understand and appeals to a broad audience.


Part 1 (Agenda 21) of this video illustrates the connection between Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development clearly and without political partisanship.


Part 2 (Regionalism) exposes how proponents use Regionalism to advance Agenda 21 while silencing opposition.


Also covered in this DVD:


  • How Sustainable Development and Regionalism could have been great ideas, but were co-opted to advance liberty-robbing programs that strip authority from local officials and confiscate more land for government ownership.
  • Why regionalism is so dangerous, and how to stop it. Regionalism is little more than a way to silence opposition to Agenda 21 while transferring wealth from rural property owners to America’s new urban habitats.
  • Real stories of Republican and Democratic officials who have had their authority stripped away, community members shut out of the planning process and phony surveys that create false impressions while providing the excuse to steamroll local communities.
  • How groups like HUD and Building One America, working through the Sustainable Communities Initiative, engage in the worst hypocrisy. They praise “community participation,” but install processes that render those community members powerless.

So end the confusion and help others comprehend the threat that Sustainable Development and Regionalism bring to our communities. Watch this DVD.