Don’t miss these tools to help Dr. Carson stop HUD locally

For eight years, the Obama administration has hijacked the Fair Housing Act and used HUD to attack communities’ autonomy.  The agency’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule provides the platform for the assaults.


With the new administration, relief appears in sight, but we must stay aware and informed.


President-elect Trump vowed to end AFFH and the nominee for HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson knows the policy’s dangers.


In 2015 Carson wrote, “the rule would fundamentally change the nature of some communities from primarily single-family to largely apartment  based areas by encouraging municipalities to strike down housing ordinances that have no overtly (or even intended) discriminatory purpose.”


Clearly Carson “gets it.”


Finally, there is hope that we can stop HUD’s attacks and concentrate on ways to bring real opportunity and prosperity to low-income and minority families.


But, we cannot become complacent.  Federal agencies have more than “nine lives”.  They persist through administrations only to resurrect their diabolical practices when the political atmosphere changes and the public least suspects.


That’s why we must stay informed, keep the pressure on public officials, and most importantly alert more people in our neighborhoods.


SFL has produced some of the most popular DVD’s to alert public officials and community members of the dangers of Regionalism, Sustainable Development and Federal Agency programs that promote these policies.


I want to make them easier for you to purchase so you can share them with more people.


“False Choice” shows the threat regionalism and sustainable development pose to property rights.   Part One traces the beginnings of the sustainability movement back through the UN’s Habitat Conference in 1976.  Part Two exposes the regional sustainability movement in the United States and how unsuspecting communities get talked into accepting it.


“Straight Talk about Planning” is an eight-part DVD that reveals the history of urban planning, the dangers of grants, conservation easements, and more.  It explains the tactics planners use to lure communities into ceding their property rights and local rule.  I get a lot of great feedback that people liked the short 5-minute clips, since they are easy to show people.


“No Choice,” our newest DVD, uncovers how HUD redefined Civil Rights law to grant themselves authority to redesign rural and urban communities. This video is amazing.  HUD has absolutely no authority to relocate families to gain “economic diversity.”  So, they just move them and if your community doesn’t like it, tough. They charge you with discrimination. We show you how it works so you can warn your neighbors and get down to planning meetings to stop them.


These three DVD’s contain everything you need to arm yourself and community with the information to spot federal overreach hidden behind packaged promises of  “sustainable futures,” “healthier living,” and “upward mobility.”


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For 48 hours SFL is offering free shipping on our entire DVD line and you will find a special discount package if you would like to own all three DVD’s.


I know you will find them valuable.  Each purchase you make helps Sustainable Freedom Lab get our message in front of more Americans.


Thank you and best regards,
John Anthony


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