22 Aug HUD Moves to Dictate Classroom Diversity

HUD is the ‘gold’ standard of dangerously unchecked bureaucracies. Dangerous because the agency’s zealous moves already threaten property owners’ choices and undermine the authority of local public officials. Now HUD wants to move that control into the classroom. In a joint meeting with members from the Departments...

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27 Jul Think Globally, Act Obediently

Two-hundred years after signing a declaration protecting Americans’ right to pursue life, liberty and property, the stewards of the very government our Founders formed, began stealing all three. The story of why and how our government, through federal agencies like HUD and the EPA implement global...

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23 Jun Obama Feasts on Ignorance to Devour Property Rights

By John Anthony President Obama is successfully executing the most dangerous seizure of individual choice in our history because Americans are growing blind to the bond between property rights and human rights. While farm owners surrender their land development rights to governments, federal agencies relocate affordable housing next to million dollar homes, and declare entire neighborhoods discriminatory. Every...

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