Honoring July 4th, 1776

03 Jul Honoring July 4th, 1776


  • In 1776 our nation seperated from England over a series of unpardonnable offenses. Today, our own officials and self-appointed cabalists have committted every one of those offenses and more.


On this July 4th we must resolve to:

– establish our own parallel economies, avoid trade with woke firms

– refuse to abide by ESG in any form

– reject manufactured pandemics

– recognize climate change as the mask for human control, and

– purge corruption from all elections.

On this July 4th we must unite to speak the truth loudly and unceasingly no matter the price.

On this July 4th we will:

Find God, Find Truth, and Find our Voice.

May God Bless America

July 4th, 2022

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