1000 Reasons Government is No Trusted Medical Source

10 Jun 1000 Reasons Government is No Trusted Medical Source


With the FDA handing out COVID-related vaccine EUA’s at an unprecedented pace and poised to get into the Monkey Pox business it’s time to take a sober look at “safe and effective.”

Dr. Paul Alexander is a COVID-19 Consultant Researcher in EBM, Research Methodology, and Clinical Epidemiology. On his Substack page he provides nearly 1000 links to research studies and reviews that are a good starting point to discover more about the potential injuries from these new vaccines.

You may want to share these with your neighbors, friends, and physicians.  Too many influential publications like the AMA Medical Newsletters and MedPage take critical thinking out of the equation by merely parroting the FDA, CDC, and WHO as if their words are proven fact. First and foremost, these are political agencies with massive conflicts of interest.

This does not necessarily mean that everyone who gets jabbed will suffer thrombocytopenia, blood clots, or compromised natural immunity. It does mean the data emerging globally casts severe doubt on the wisdom of vaccines-for-all. More autopsies are needed to confirm or negate the growing concerns. To date, the CDC has been little help. Instead, they require states to perform autopsies and provide a host of characteristics to guide their research. Notice vaccine deaths as one of those characteristics?

Another concern is the mysterious international spread of the Monkey Pox, a rare, generally mild virus native to Africa. The Biden administration has already ordered 13 million doses of Monkey Virus vaccine. (Interestingly the vaccine producer’s stock shot up 70%.)

Meanwhile, as the Expose points out, the Monkey Pox manifests itself in herpes, shingles-like blistering.  Interestingly, page 21 of Pfizer’s trial documents lists Herpes Virus as one of the vaccine’s Adverse Effects of Special Interest.  According to the report, within 2 months of the vaccine’s rollout following its emergency use authorization, there were 8,152 cases of  viral herpes infections of which 18 led to multiple organ dysfunctions.

Pfizer’s trial data is also reflected in the CDC’s own VAERS reports showing a dramatic increase in viral herpes infections following the mRNA vaccines as compared to previous vaccines.

One lesson the pandemic has offered is that federal agencies will lie, distort, bury, and misrepresent information to sell their narrative that vaccines are safe and effective, masks work, and lockdowns did more good than harm. To date, little of what they offered has proven true.



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