WHO Move Reveals Fear of Informed Masses

23 May WHO Move Reveals Fear of Informed Masses


John Anthony

On January 18, 2022, the Biden Administration sent a letter requesting a series of changes to 13 articles of the International Health Regulations to the WHO. (The changes were not made public until April 12, just 6 weeks before they were to be voted on by the 75th World Health Assembly.)

Those changes ceded control of American’s health decisions to an unelected international board at the WHO.

Despite attempts by every major media outlet to bury the severity of Biden’s move, word of the amendments spread in alternative media, social media, and email lists. The cascade of information was seismic.

Friends told friends. The newly informed shared the information with their groups who in turn networked through podcasts and video channels. Soon massive numbers of Americans and people globally learned the truth about the WHO power grab.

By May 17th, WHO Director-General Tedros was so unnerved by the growing pushback he attempted to trivialize it in a press briefing.

“Unfortunately, there has been a small minority of groups making misleading statements and purposefully distorting facts. I want to be crystal clear. WHO’s agenda is public, open and transparent.” He said.

The ploy failed. Days later 12 of the 13 article changes were stricken.

The remaining article #59 shows how deeply terrified the so-called global elite are of the people.

When regulations or amendments are proposed, states have an 18 month period to re-consider the changes and withdraw their “yes” vote. Article #59 shortens the time a State has to reject changes from 18 months to 6 months.

As researcher James Roguski points out this rejection is of critical importance because it directly impacts Article 61:

By notifying the Director-General of a State’s rejection of the change, those changes to regulations or amendments “shall not enter into force with regard to that State.”

The WHO is terrified by the speed with which freedom valuing people can mount responses that expose their tactics. That’s why they are desperate to reduce the time frame for a State to reject their alterations.

Censorship is failing. We must continue to scrutinize every word from these agencies and spread the truth. The globalists will never stop. But by refuting their lies and boldly sharing the truth, freedom will win.


Do not let up on stopping the WHO article changes and the upcoming Pandemic Treaty. Email or call your Senators and Representatives.

Suggestion to say:

Dear ______,

The WHO MUST reject Article 59 changes and keep the review period for regulations and amendments at 18 months.

Recent WHO regulations and amendments are increasingly altering State sovereignty and freedom of choice.

A 6-month period is too short for States to access, review, and respond to alterations.

I am asking you to withdraw the Biden changes to Article 59.





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