Biden Move Surrenders US Sovereignty to Manage Health Crises to the WHO

10 May Biden Move Surrenders US Sovereignty to Manage Health Crises to the WHO


In January of 2022, the Biden administration proposed amendments to the WHO’s International Health Regulations that surrender U.S. sovereignty during pandemics or public health emergencies to the WHO.

Here are some of  Biden’s changes:

  • The WHO can unilaterally declare a pandemic or public health emergency in a member state.
  • The WHO is not required to provide the source or cause of the health emergency.
  • The target state receives an offer of collaboration and has 24 hours to request additional information.
  • If the target states does not answer within 48 hours, the offer of collaboration shall be considered “rejected.”
  • At that point the WHO collaborates with other agencies including the UN, International Labor Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization, International Atomic Energy Agency, International Civi Aviation Organization and others to prepare a course of action.


Since the US has already joined the International Health Regulations, no U.S. Senate vote is needed to accept the amendments. Once approved this will become international law.

WHO’s actions would supercede our US Constitution.

The important point to remember is the Biden Administration is fully behind these changes which were written by his Assistant Secretary of HHS, Loyce Pace.


The final meeting for the IHR amendment approvals is May 22 – 28 of 2022.  We have  short time to act, but we can make a difference.

Spread the word about what is happening

Phone calls, Text messages, Emails, Social media posts.  Share this message with everyone you know.

Making the calls:

(Thanks to patriot Karen Bracken for the script ideas.)

Please call the WH main switchboard number below and ask to be connected to your Representative/Senator’s office. That is 3 calls once a week until May 28th
* Telephone:  202-225-3121
* Website:  * If you cannot get through to their Wash offices then look up their local office numbers here:

Use the full call script below or write your own:

Hello, my name is ____________________ my zip code is ________

I am calling Rep or Sen ________ because I am very concerned about the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations that Pres. Biden, Sec Becerra, and Assistant Secretary Loyce Pace submitted to the WHO on Jan 18th, 2022 which will be voted on by the World Health Assembly scheduled for May 22-28 of this year.

These proposed amendments would cede US sovereignty and Congressional approval over pandemic responses to the incompetent and corrupt WHO, which failed miserably during this present pandemic.

Suggested talking points for your call:

-They failed to determine the origins of SARS COV2, appearing to obfuscate the evidence for a lab-leak.

– They failed to recognize the disastrous inadequacies of the RT-PCR test for accurately diagnosing active infections.

– They failed to recognize and recommend the scientific evidence behind the supplementation of Vitamin D and Zinc in preventing disease and death from COVID-19.

– They failed to recognize and recommend the scientific evidence for, and vital importance of, early medical treatments for COVID-19.

– They failed to stop, slow down, or even question the roll out of the still experimental, proven to be ineffective, injurious, and deadly COVID gene therapies, which they misrepresented as “vaccines”.  Or to stand up for the peoples’ right to health freedom and informed consent.

Suggested examples for ending your call:

All of these failures added greatly to the death toll and injury rate from COVID-19, and the death toll and injury rate induced by these horrific, experimental gene therapies.

The Administration’s decision to give away our national sovereignty to the WHO is frightening – it has a direct impact on my personal sovereignty, health freedoms and rights.

I am asking that Rep or Sen_________ to contact Sec. Becerra, and Pres. Biden and ask them to withdraw these amendments from consideration at the World Health Assembly this May. (****THIS MUST BE INCLUDED IN YOUR CLOSING STATEMENT)

Instead, the people of the US and the world demand a transparent, scientific, and democratic public review of the current failures of the WHO and its funding mechanisms.

We also demand a transparent, scientific, and democratic public review of the current failures of our US response to this pandemic.

Health Freedom is our birthright and is codified into US law – I demand that Congress and this Administration respect it by ending this attack on our sovereignty!

Please understand how important Health Freedom is to me – these issues will determine my vote!

Thank you.

For more information go to James Roguski’s Sound the Alarm , Stop the Power Grab, and Biden Handing over US Sovereignty.



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