Why My Daughter Must Not be Vaccinated – Plea to the Judge

11 Apr Why My Daughter Must Not be Vaccinated – Plea to the Judge


Your Honor:

The CDC’s own data show just 350 out of 25 million children in my daughter’s age bracket died of COVID.

Even that number is doubtful since a study on our own government’s website showed when the laboratory ran cultures on 90 people who tested positive on the PCR, only 26 actually had COVID.

The vaccines are not that safe. When a judge ordered the FDA to show the vaccines authorization documents to the public,  they showed there were 10’s of thousands of serious reactions, many hospitalized, 1223 did. ¾ of them were women. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

We know its effectiveness wears off very fast. This means more shots.  The CDC is now investigating more cases of heart issues than they thought in the beginning; and have admitted natural immunity is better than they thought at first. They are also finding the shots do not stop the spread.

I can give you all of the documentation on this…but I am asking you please, do not subject my daughter to a vaccine she does not need that has dangers we are only now discovering.


Analysis of 90 positive PCR tests.


1223 Died from the vaccine (p7)


CDC investigating myocarditis


Does not stop the spread


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