Info on the Pfizer/Modern mRNA Vaccines

30 Mar Info on the Pfizer/Modern mRNA Vaccines


DOD Officials Testify About Vaccine Results for Senate Hearing:

3 Defense Department Officials collected data for 5 years from our nation’s most accurate database. They found  nearly 300% increase in miscarriages and cancers above the 5-year average in the last year. They found neurological damage went from an average of 82,000 cases per year to 863,000 cases in a single year follow the vaccines.


Pro-Vax Doctor Reviews Pfizer’s 90-Day Report:

Dr. John Campbell is a doctor and nurse educator in the UK. He has received all the Pfizer vaccines and is pro-vax. This was his reaction as he breaks down Pfizer’s 90-day report following the vaccine’s rollout.

Pfizer’s Document:

This is the document Dr. Campbell refers to. (See page 7) The long list of potential side effects is on the final pages. (The FDA wanted 75 years to release all this information until ordered by a lawsuit. Typically these documents are automatically available.)


Lab Whistleblower:

Ventavia is one of the main labs contracted to test Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. A whistleblower explains the specimen were stored and labeled improperly and data falsified in a way that makes the vaccine appear more effective.  People pointing out the errors were fired. Her case is in court.


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