Tearing Down Obama’s “Transformation”

16 Dec Tearing Down Obama’s “Transformation”


By John Anthony

In spite of President Obama’s slick candor and a sympathetic media, the devices he uses to create his centrally “governed” society are vulnerable.

Like an underdeveloped nation torn between wealthy landowners and the struggling poor, President Obama is careening America toward third-worldism.  Washington DC is now the land of the elite, while middle-class wealth withers and the ranks of dependents swell.  This gap between the connected rich and the dependent poor is the lifeblood of totalitarians.

Rulers rely on compassionate sounding schemes like affordable housing, social justice and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs to create legions of dependents.

But, when the dependency decreases, so too does the political stranglehold.  To change the direction of Obama’s transformation, America’s poor and middle-class must become less dependent.  In other words, they need real wealth building opportunities.

American exceptionalism did not just happen. Americans built their success on the entrepreneurship of millions of small businesses, not on the conniving of global enterprises and public-private partnerships.

By developing a system in which anyone can share in the capital of the business they help build, wealth is no longer the exclusive domain of the rulers and the priviledged.

By creating opportunities to earn personal wealth rather than “spreading around” that of others’, you limit the government’s access to its single greatest weapon…A public increasingly susceptible to bribery through transfers of unearned money.

Capital sharing creates other advantages. Wealth is property and therefore, the foundation of freedom. The new capitalists are less likely to vote for central control over free markets; for regionalism over local choices; or for dependency over opportunity.

The challenge is, “how do you create more capitalists, while helping business owners and satisfying an insatiable government?”  There is an answer.

By chance I came across an old friend, Veny Musum.  In the 1980’s we worked together and helped transform a small hair care start-up into the internationally recognized health and beauty giant, Paul Mitchell. Veny understands business.  He is also about as conservative as it gets.

Together, with his liberal associate Upendra Chivukula, they co-authored a book called “The 3rd Way.” Upendra is the former Democratic Deputy Speaker of the NJ General Assembly and is currently the non-partisan Commissioner of the Bureau of Public Utilities. Politically, Veny and Upendra are opposites.

Their meeting point is a genuine desire to help people get ahead. The 3rd Way does that.  It also shatters America’s progressive transformation because it operationalizes a workable way to lessen the number of dependents and create more capitalists.

The two authors build on the Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) model that was popular in the 1970’s.  Today, you probably don’t know it, but there are more people enrolled in ESOPs and sharing part of their company’s capital than there are members enrolled in private sector unions.  Why?  Because it builds productivity for the companies and wealth for the people who work there.

Veny and Upendra have recast the ESOP in line with today’s political realities. The 3rd Way argues that socialism sounds good but fails, while capitalism works, but lacks enough capitalists.  Their answer is a 3rd way that makes more money for business owners, long-term wealth for employees and, even adds to government revenues.   (But, the government only wins by loosening the strings that are killing the economy. If it does not let go, the people they clearly hurt, are the very same dependents they rely on for votes.)

The authors have already contacted GOP presidential candidates to make the 3rd way, part of their 2016 platform.

Together, we can stop the destructive transformation of America.  It is ideas from “we the people” that will stop it.  I highly recommend reading Veny and Upendra’s book, The 3rd Way. Even if you build on their ideas and develop your own, we as a nation advance.

Together, we can tear down Obama’s transformation, and win back our free America.

  • Marcia Musselman
    Posted at 21:29h, 23 December Reply

    Frightening, and potentially catastrophic; how ever, it can be halted by every person educating themselves on this topic. To fail to take the time to research this for ourselves we have only ourselves to blame. Knowledge is power. All of us must do due diligence by researching this for ourselves, then act responsibly.

  • Judy Salgado
    Posted at 16:54h, 06 January Reply

    Q. Will you be reporting about GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE COMMITTEES, GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE STEERING COMMITTEES, GRANT COMMITTEES, and GRANT WRITERS being appointed in communities that have adopted COMPREHENSIVE PLANS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT once a community joins in some sort of multi-municipal agreements for regional services or development plans?

    • John Anthony
      Posted at 16:54h, 18 January Reply

      Judy. I give talks on these issues. On AFFH, we are setting up networks to keep local communities informed.

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