Sustainable Freedom Lab (SFL) is changing the fight to protect our freedoms.  We provide unique tools to expose and turn the tables on officials, planners, federal agencies and non-governmental organizations who attempt to infringe upon your rights.

Our Leadership

IMG_0315D1 John Anthony is a former teacher in the Philadelphia School System.  He left academia to become director of Sales and Marketing for a global health and beauty care company and later worked with     numerous failing companies to assist them in successful turnarounds.

In 1989, Mr. Anthony founded Corporate Measures Consulting, a leadership development firm providing management training for Fortune 500 and small cap organizations.  There he developed the Edu?Link Success Profile, a pre and post hire assessment tool used in businesses throughout the USA, Europe and Asia.

John is deeply concerned about the impact of government regulations and particularly sustainable development programs on businesses, property rights and our successful American way of life.  To that end, he develops and presents programs to inform conservative, liberal, and independent Americans of the pitfalls of current policies.  His emphasis is on presenting the results of in-depth research in a compelling manner that encourages viewers to want to learn more.

In 2011 he created the popular news website, and has broadcast successful media presentations reaching over 1,800,000 viewers.



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